Dust Mites Treatment in Sydney

Dust mites are those tiny microorganisms that live deep within our mattresses and carpets. These tiny mites feed on the human cells shed by us and also consume dust. The size of these mites is so small, that they can easily float in the air. When the vacuum cleaner is used on carpets and mattresses, dust mites start floating in the air. Inhalation of dust mites can trigger allergies and even cause respiratory problems.

But, with Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney you don’t have to worry about dust mites treatment. We provide professional Dust Mite Cleaning Services that can make your home a cleaner and healthier space to live in.

Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney helping alleviation of allergic symptoms

Several people are allergic to the droppings dust mites leave behind. These droppings can cause allergies of various degrees and keep you in a state of discomfort throughout the day. Our dust mites treatment in Sydney is effective in alleviating allergic symptoms. You can experience an increase in your concentration power and even feel relaxing while going to bed after availing yourself of our dust mite cleaning services. With no dust mites in your house and workplace, you can feel experience positive energy and boost your overall quality of life.

Safe techniques adopted at Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney

Our professional dust mites remover provides a unique and effective method for keeping your house neat and clean. We use our special anti-mite spray that is non-toxic and biodegradable for neutralizing dust mites and their feces. Our dust mite treatment in Sydney involves the use of a spray that is not like a pesticide, as it does not discolor your fabrics and is completely safe to use on different surfaces.

Those who suffer from allergies should avail dust mite cleaning services, from Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney. Our cleaning method and cleaning agents are safe for your curtains, carpet, mattresses, and upholstery. We efficiently remove all the dust mites for providing maximum relief to our customers. Our products are all well-researched in Sydney and our dust-mite removal process also adheres to the safety standards.

Dust mite facts you should know!

Dust mites are tiny organisms that are not visible to the naked eyes. These insects live inside the mattresses and different fabrics. They love being in moist and warm conditions and feed on human skin. Here are some other facts you should know:

Humans shed thousands of skin cells every day, and the majority of it remains on our mattresses.

Dust mites feed on our skin cells and remain alive for over 170 days.

A single dust mite release 200 times more excreta than their body weight in their lifespan.

Dust mites can remain alive for over a year without feeding on human cells.

A single female dust mite can lay over 300 eggs in her lifetime.

The droppings of the dust mites are more allergic to humans, as they can cause several respiratory and skin diseases.

Almost every house has dust mites, and over 50% of the houses have extreme cases of dust mite infestation.

How to keep dust mites at bay?

Keeping dust mites away from your house is quite important for maintaining a healthy environment. But, not a lot of people are aware of the right method. Regular vacuuming of the carpets, curtains, and mattress, can help to an extent. But, the problem with vacuuming is, it activates dust mites in the air while cleaning.

For avoiding such troubles, you should rely on Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney for providing an excellent dust mite cleaning service. Just call us on +61480017082 to make a booking now!

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We assure you, that once you experience the dust mite cleaning services of Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney, you won’t go anywhere else again. We have a large customer base and their reviews have made our reputation in Sydney. All this has become possible because of our quality services and experienced technicians. No matter what your problem is, you can rely on Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney!

Whenever you need dust mites treatment services, feel free in calling Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney. Contact us, for the slightest inconvenience caused at your home or workplace because of dust mites. Get in touch with us to know, how our professionals get the job done. Book our services, or request a quote. Avail of our services anytime you like!

Frequently Asked Questions at Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney

1. Can I use a vacuum cleaner for dust mites’ removal?

The general vacuum cleaners we have at our homes aren’t that powerful to extract dust mites from our carpets and mattresses. Hence, availing professional help for dust mites treatment in Sydney is highly suggested.

2. How long does it take to remove dust mites?

Our professionals are quite experienced in removing dust mites from curtains, carpets, mattresses, and so on. On average our process is complete within 20 minutes. Based on the kind of material and problem level, our time frame may go up or down by a few minutes.

3. Can I protect my mattress and carpets from dust mites using covers?

No. Using covers on different items, may reduce dust mites infestation by some percentage, but it won’t help permanently. Hence, you should maintain regular hygiene of your house, and seek professional help for dust mites cleaning.

4. Are dust mites harmful to us?

Yes. Although dust mites don’t bite or cause severe harm to humans in a direct manner, their feces are dangerous for us. Their droppings have certain protein that triggers allergic reactions in humans and can cause respiratory and skin problems.

5. How expensive are your services?

All our services at Ripple carpet cleaning Sydney are priced at reasonable rates. You can easily avail of our dust-mite removal services anytime you want, without any additional charges. Based on the fabric, dust mites infestation, and damage done the charges may vary. You can receive a express estimate over the call as well.

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