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 Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is a cleaning service provider for the domestic and commercial property owners. We provide our efficient services to the city of Sydney and its extended suburbs since decades. Our adherence to the constantly updating industry standards and our perseverance has made us a trustworthy name for carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Our hard work and continuous improvement in the way we conduct our business has earned us our spotless reputation and name. We, at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney, are committed to providing our customers with top notch cleaning solutions including carpet steam cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile, and grout cleaning etc. We have been serving the citizens of Sydney with equal warmth, adeptness, and a smile. We have always given precedence to customer satisfaction and exceeding our benchmarks in every instance. Our prices have been competitive and affordable. Contact us immediately for availing one of the best carpet steam cleaning in Sydney.


Tough Stain and Dirt Removal- The dirt and stains stuck inside the carpet are disturbed by way of the hot vapour from the steam machine. It hits the stained fibers inside the carpet and this makes the cleaning process easier to weaken the dirt and remove it gradually.

Get Rid of Dust Mites and Bacteria – dirt that grows on the carpet is in the form of fungus, dust mites, allergens and even mould that keeps multiplying insidiously. The hot steam in the steam cleaner kills all these contaminants residing inside your carpet.

Zero Pollutants Or Eco-friendly Cleaning– we at Ripple Carpet Cleaning in preserving the environment. And hence we make use of only organically verified cleaning agents for carpet steam cleaning for residents of Sydney. We make sure to dispose off the residues left because of steam cleaning.

Reduced Risk of Carpet Damage – this method of carpet cleaning deeply cleans the fibers of the carpet without any damage to the fabric of the carpet. That is contrary to the conception among people that steam cleaning the carpet will damage it intrinsically.

Use of Safe Detergents and Cleaning Agents – Steam Cleaners at Ripple Carpet Cleaning make use of shampoos and detergents that are completely Safe for Carpet Fibers. We do not use any chemical that will have any bad impact on your carpets.

Improve the lifespan of Your Carpets – Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney enhances the lifespan of the carpet considerably.

Services we Offer.

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet Mould Removal
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Flood Damage Restoration

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney

We provide carpet steam cleaning for homes, residential complexes, offices, hotels, hospitals, and other public properties. The carpet steam cleaning process followed at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney guarantees a clean looking carpet free of any allergens and dirt. Read on to know about the carpet steam cleaning process followed by us:

1. Moving the furniture on the carpet –

Before beginning the steam cleaning procedure, our team of technicians move the furniture present on the carpet. The furniture can be anything including book shelves, couch, cabinets, pianos etc. All this needs to be cleared to help the technicians get access to the entire length and breadth of the carpet. This step makes the process of cleaning the carpet more effective and also protects the furniture and décor from any possible damages.

2. Vacuuming the Carpet Floors –

The entire carpet after clearing off the furniture is cleaned with a vacuum. After which it is steam cleaned with another equipment. This way, the layer of dust and impurities on the top gets eliminated. The steam cleaner then goes into the deeper layers of the carpet to work on removing the stains and dirt stuck in deeper pockets of the carpet.

3. Water and cleanser are added and mixed in sufficient quantity –

The steam cleaner is then filled by our technician with cleaning chemicals and hot water for the carpet cleaning. We make sure to keep the cleaning chemicals to a minimum to avoid causing harm to the fibers in the carpet.

4. Begin to clean the carpet –

The technicians find out the starting point that is best to start cleaning the carpet. That selected corner is the starting point from which the entire carpet is cleaned from end-to-end. Cleaning this way covers the entire carpet and facilitates cleaning and removal of dirt and stains in a more organized fashion.

5. Drying the Carpet –

The carpet is dried with high power drying equipment that fasten up the drying process. After which, they are left to dry naturally and then the furniture removed from it is placed back again on it. It is advised to not step or start walking on it because moist carpets catch dirt and dust particles faster.

Why choose Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney?

Carpet Steam Cleaning as mentioned above comes with a plethora of benefits. Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is a reputed carpet cleaning company that provides top-of-the-line services and is known to complete their projects on a timely basis.

  • We provide same day service to our clients who are short on time.
  • We provide free sanitization and free deodorization to the clients opting for any of the carpet cleaning services.
  • Our technicians and cleaners pay keen attention to clear the carpet of the damage.
  • Our cleaning solutions offered to clients are not one-size-fits-all they are tailored according to the type and fabric of carpet material.
  • Our team of technicians provide timely completion of their cleaning projects.

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The carpet steam cleaning services at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney provide instantaneous and commendable results to our returning customers. Get in touch with our customer support team to get more details of the carpet steam cleaning services offered at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney. They will take you through the whole carpet cleaning process and the services suitable to you. Dial +61480017082 for getting a express booking right now.

Why should I steam clean carpets?

Carpets cover a major portion of your home and can directly affect the health of inhabitants. The dirt, dust, germs, and pollens settled in carpets can pose serious health problems if you leave carpets unclean for a long time. Carpet steam cleaning is also a great way of increasing the life of your carpets.

Moreover, cleaning carpets helps get rid of unwanted odours and stains making your carpets look as gorgeous as ever. When the steam heat reaches deep down the carpets padding all pollutants are effectively removed ensuring a thorough clean so you can enjoy healthy and pleasant indoors with your family including pets.

Why is commercial carpet steam cleaning important?

Every business firm pries to leave a long-lasting impression on their potential clients. With regular carpet cleaning this can be achieved effortlessly; carpets that are regularly cleaned help create a hospitable environment which can indirectly ensure smooth business negotiations.

Similarly, steam cleaning carpets in commercial spaces also helps keep the working space germs free thus reducing the number of sick leave your employees take. Clean carpets promote a healthy working space and enable employees to work to their highest potential. Thus you must avail of professional cleaning treatment to maintain office carpets.


1. Why Should I Steam Clean My Carpets?

Steam Cleaning procedures preserve the carpets, increase their lifespan and eliminate sand, dust and dirt particles from it. Which is a good thing to maintain hygiene as well as your investment.

2. After booking a carpet cleaning appointment, what is the time typically taken by your team to arrive at my residence?

We at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney have immense respect for our customers’ time. Which is why our team endeavors to reach your house as early as possible.

3. The stains on my mattress refuse to go away. Can you remove them?

We have expertise in dealing with stains and odour removals from all kinds of upholstery including mattresses. The cleaning agents developed by us are reliable products and can be applied to stains for removing them.

4. Is faster drying available after the steam cleaning process of my carpet?

Our procedures and equipment are meant for drying the carpets faster. However, for a faster drying process, at the time of booking the appointment you can ask the technician to get portable dryers.

5. I am sensitive to strong smells. Will your cleaning products cause any harm?

No, the cleaning solutions used for Carpet Steam Cleaning in Sydney do not have any scent or strong smell. You can let the customer support at Ripple Carpet Cleaning know about your sensitivity to smells at the time of booking the appointment.

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