Instant Carpet Mould Removal in Sydney

Are you fed up with the nasty and ugly moulds on your carpet? Do you need to get rid of the carpet mould instantly without any hassle? If yes, then we can help you with this. Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is the top company that provides excellent carpet mould removal in Sydney. Whether you have a home or you own a property, office or construction site, we clean carpets of all sizes. We aim to protect our customers from the potential health threats posed by carpet mould growth. We are experts at carpet mould damage removal in Sydney. Our services are hassle-free with an easy booking system.

Carpets are the essential assets that we use every day. You walk and spend precious time on that carpet. Your toddlers may roll on and play on those carpets. In this case, the carpets must be completely clean without even the hint of a mould. Mould is a type of fungus that imposes numerous health risks. The reason behind mould growth is excess moisture or dampness. Poorly ventilated rooms may lead to mould growth on carpets. Therefore, we offer complete mould removal services all over Sydney. Call us right away and lead a healthier life.

Why choose us for carpet mould damage removal in Sydney?

When it comes to the health of your loved ones and the protection of your valuable carpets, you must choose the best expert company. You must not settle for less. Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is the best choice for carpet mould removal in Sydney. With our expert mould removers, we opt to remove the mould safely and provide a clean and hygienic carpet for you to use without worrying. We are experts in cleaning carpets and especially in removing moulds. Our services include inspection of the carpet, identification of mould growth, its source, removal of both visible and invisible mould, sanitisation and anti-microbial fogging for future prevention from mould growth on your carpet. Here are some more reasons you must choose us for mould removal in Sydney:

Best mould removal at an affordable price

Round the clock services

Open on weekends and public holidays

Experts for mould removal services

Certified, trained and experienced professionals

Use of green chemicals for the safety of customers

High-tech machines and latest tools for safe mould removal in Sydney

100% result and customer satisfaction guarantee

Easy booking and appointment scheduling process

Mould growth can damage your precious carpet completely. To save your carpet’s life and your health, you must choose us and connect with us immediately. So, do not wait till the mould ruins your carpet and damage it permanently, call us and discuss the issue with our expert. Feel free to ask any doubts and even the quotation. Hurry up, your carpet is in need.

How do we remove mould from your carpets?

We at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney have an expert team that can clean all types of carpets’ mould infestation. Here are the steps we use to clean your carpet completely and make it mould-free:

Inspection of the moulded carpet

Once our professionals reach the site, they inspect the area, carpet and other factors that may cause the mould. By identifying the source of the mould, we can make you aware of it. Then we measure the moisture level. Once we know the carpet type, damage and mould infestation, we choose the suitable solvents and technique for mould removal.

Cleaning of mould

We use professional and modern methods to clean the visible mould. Some parts of your carpet may need more time than other patches. Moulds on stained carpets may take more time than cleaned carpet.

Remediation treatment

Once we clean the visible mould, we opt to clean the invisible mould by fogging the special agents in the air. This also improves the air quality and prevents future mould growth. The technicians may advise not to open windows or doors for nearly 3 houses after this treatment. This technique kills the germs and bacterias in the air.

Mould prevention

Our technicians guide you about how to keep your carpets mould-free. They give you some helpful tips too.

What specialised techniques or tools we use for carpet mould damage removal in Sydney?

We used various latest machines, tools and techniques to remove mould from your carpet. Here is a list of the most used tools:

Vacuum machines

Vacuum machines pull the mould from your carpet. It removes the traces of mould particles and makes the carpet dirt-free.

Anti-mould spray

Anti-mould sprays can remove the mould and prevent future mould growth. We use safe chemicals to spray on your carpets. Our eco-friendly solvents do not damage your carpet or impact your health.


Dehumidifiers remove the dampness and humidity in your carpet, hence prevent future mould growth. The main reason for mould growth is moisture, therefore, we remove the humidity and make your carpet safe.

Safe cleaning agents

We use eco-friendly cleaning agents to remove the mould and make your carpets completely germ-free.

Dry cleaning

Once we clean the carpet, we make sure the carpet is moisture-free and for this, we use the best dry cleaning techniques that protect the carpet and make it ready to use.

Our professional cleaners are expert in using all types of machines and we are backed with the latest and up to date cleaning machines. Our staff is trained and skilled in using the machines for the complete safety of your carpet.

Best mould removal services are just one call away!

Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is the popular choice of most of the carpet owners in Sydney. We have gained this popularity due to our excellent mould removal services as well as transparency and honesty. We work for genuine trust to see people living healthily and happily with a cleaned and hygienic carpet. Our customer’s health and the carpet’s life matter to us. Connect with our team, book the services and be ready to see a completely cleaned, mould-free carpet.


1. Can I paint the mould and continue using the same carpet?

No. Paint can hide the ugly mould but it can’t remove it. It continues to grow inside the carpet. To get rid of it completely, call professionals.

2. Can I stay at a place full of mould growth?

No. If you come across mould infestation then you should call the professionals and get rid of it. Staying at the same place with mould growth will impact your health.

3. Should I rely on DIY techniques for long term mould?

You can use DIY techniques for minor mould growth but if your carpet is fully covered with the mould then you must call professional mould cleaners.

4. How can I clean the mould by myself?

For minor mould growth, you can use vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil or detergent. However, if your carpet remains damp due to these DIY techniques then it may give birth to more mould.

5. Can mould damage the quality of the carpet?

Yes. Moulds are nothing but fungus that not only harmful to your health but also reduces the quality of your carpet. You must remove the mould as soon as you notice it.

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