Certified and Licensed Residential Carpet Cleaning Sydney Professionals

Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is a leading company in the field of residential carpet cleaning services in Sydney and surrounding areas. With an experience of 20+ years, we have been offering exceptional carpet cleaning services and have satisfied thousands of customers.

We have an expert team of professionals, who take care of your health and well-being to heart. We make use of only environmental products for cleaning your carpets. The use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions is our pride! The methods that will be used to clean your house carpets are also very effective and will leave no trace of dirt.

Why choose our Residential Carpet Cleaning in Sydney?

A number of companies offer house carpet cleaning in Sydney; however, not all of them are as trustworthy as our company for your carpet cleaning requirements. You must have observed that many of them use water and soap, and then rub the hell out of your carpets with all kinds of brushes. Doing so will make your carpets clean, but temporarily or only for a certain period. Also, if appropriated methods are not used then it may even ruin your carpet.

After a few days, you will again notice the stains and unpleasant smell on the carpets.

Our residential carpet cleaning in Sydney technique is appropriate for residential carpet cleaning. No matter what type of fabric or fibres you have in your homes, you can trust us to give them the look you need for a healthy and clean environment. We restore your carpet in its original form which helps to impress your visitors.

At Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney, our professionals specialize in providing good carpet cleaning procedures in a way that the carpets will effuse bad odors after finishing the process, and guaranteed to give better results. After the completion of your carpet cleanliness, you will obtain an impeccable carpet that will smell good and remain adorable for many months to come.

Here are some of the highlights of our house carpet cleaning Sydney services, which include:

Rapid elimination of bacteria and other impurities from carpets

Fast and efficient removal of dirt on carpets

Our methods preserve the integrity of the carpet fabric to last longer

Our professionals use a minimum amount of water

After finishing the cleaning no chemicals, stains, mildew, or other odors

The process that we follow for your house carpet cleaning in Sydney is as follows:


Before starting to clean any carpet, our cleaners thoroughly inspect your carpet to identify the main areas of cleaning, the type of fabric, and the method that will be suitable for your carpet.


Our professionals then pre-vacuum your carpets with our highly efficient and latest technologies that remove 99.9% of bacteria, dust, and allergens.

Pre-spray treatment:

We pre-spray your carpets with our highly effective 100% green cleaning products to reduce the effect of stubborn stains.

Pre-stain removal:

We eliminate the toughest stain and dirt from carpets through our advanced technology and methods.

Steam Cleaning:

We steam clean the carpet to pull out any residues of detergents or dust clean the carpet in a non-toxic manner.


In some cases, we apply sanitizer/ deodorizers to the carpet to remove odor. The deodorization leaves your carpets fresh and clean.

Sanitise and Groom:

Our technicians set carpet pile in one direction so that it gets dry faster, as well as provide carpet protection so that your carpets stay clean for longer and stain-resistant. We deodorize and use anti-bacteria to sanitize, kill, and clean the bacteria.


1. Should I consider small damage to my house carpet?

Yes, if you notice a small irregularity in your carpet at home, it’s always best to repair it then. Or else, it soon becomes bigger and difficult to remove.

2. How do I know that my carpet is getting damaged?

The sides and the edges of your carpet should be often checked for ripping or tearing. At the first sign of this, get it seen to by our carpet cleaning consultant. Or else, hire our professional residential carpet cleaning Sydney services.

3. Do I have to buy any equipment for carpet cleaning?

If you have access to specialist cleaning equipment, you may be able to clean and maintain your carpets. If not, we strongly advise getting our professional help. It’s the best way to clean and restore your carpets without causing more damage to them.

4. Will pet urine damage my carpet?

A big yes! Pets at your place are bound to have a little accident on any carpets. You can find stains and an unpleasant odour of your pet’s urine on your carpets. Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney specializes in urine damage removal. In short, we can clean and restore the natural condition of your carpets, safely and effectively.

5. Can you come today to clean my carpets?

Yes, of course, our services are available 24×7 and even on the same day of the booking.

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