Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Carpets are essentials to protect your floor and make your room more presentable. The same carpet can ruin the look of your interior if it’s stained or dirty. Apart from the look factor, a dirty carpet can also have a bad impact on your health. There is one solution to keep your carpet always good and clean, that solution is to hire the best professionals.

Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is a leading company that provides excellent services for dry carpet cleaning in Sydney. You can count on us for the best dry carpet cleaning. Our mission is to provide outstanding dry cleaning to the carpets with high standard services. We thrive to build a long term relation with our clients by offering them quality carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices. Our well-trained and dedicated staff is friendly and polite. Their hand works like magic in the field of carpet cleaning. Also, we have the latest machines and other tools for cleaning your carpet safely. You can search for a dry carpet cleaning service near me and find us on the internet. You can also contact us directly and get the details of our services including a quotation.

Why hire our professional services?

Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is the most professional and trustworthy provider of dry carpet cleaning in Sydney. We are experts in advanced methods for completely dry cleaning carpets. We use excellent and latest methods or techniques to provide the optimum result. We aim to provide a clean, fresh and hygienic carpet to our customers. We serve all over Sydney to all commercial and residential places. Here are some add-on reasons for you to hire us:

Quick response for queries and booking of services

Hassle-free booking system

Use of eco-friendly cleaning solvents

Same day carpet dry cleaning services

Free sanitisation and deodorisation services

Fully trained and skilled technician for optimum cleaning results

Latest equipment and tools for effective cleaning

Express quotation over the phone

The list of the benefits is never-ending. We thrive to provide the best cleaning results. Connect with us and you will not feel tensed about your carpet. Your carpets will be completely safe in our hands. You can also search on the internet for dry carpet cleaning near me and find us. You can get other detailed-oriented information on our site. If not, our staff is ready to help you anytime. Call us and book the most excellent services of dry carpet cleaning in Sydney.

Carpet steam cleaning Vs. dry cleaning

People always seem to be confused about steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Let us put a spotlight on the differences between these two methods of carpet cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning takes more time than carpet dry cleaning. You can walk on the carpet within an hour after dry cleaning but this is not the same case with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning technique involves steam cleaning machines, hot water steam and water extraction procedure. Steam cleaning is more water and liquid oriented. Whereas, dry cleaning, as the name suggests, do not use an excess of water. It only needs some dry cleaning solvents and sprinkles of water to complete the cleaning procedure.

We at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney, offer both these services. But, if you want instant carpet cleaning, then you must choose the dry carpet cleaning method. This technique needs only a few hours. Dry cleaning cleans the stains, removes dirt and gives a fresh smell to the carpet. However, steam cleaning removes the bacterias, stain, odour and gives a clean feel to the carpet. Our carpet cleaners are excellent in all the methods and techniques. Your carpets are safe with us once you call us for booking. So, do not delay or neglect the carpet stains or dirt, connect with us and get your carpet a fresh look.

Our carpet dry cleaning procedure

We follow strict and standard procedure for complete and deep cleaning of carpets. These carpets are like our own assets. Our cleaners are always extra cautious while cleaning the carpets. Here are some steps we use for dry carpet cleaning in Sydney:

Firstly, we examine the carpet and damages. By inspecting carpet quality, material, size and other factors, we come to know which solutions will be best suitable for your carpet.

Then we use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the loose dirt and dust particles. These loose particles may create a problem afterwards hence we clean them first and then move ahead.

We apply pre-spray to the carpet for cleaning.

After the sprays, we pay attention to stains and even minor spots. The stain removal technique is very important in dry cleaning.

Once the stains are removed, we use a scrubbing machine for the bonnet cleaning process.

At the last, we dry the carpet and it gets ready for use within an hour.

If you want the best cleaning results for your carpets, then you must call us right away. Our professional carpet cleaners are skilled and backed with all technical knowledge related to carpets. Their experience and practical blend of mind and expertise views help you to sustain the life of your carpet. Carpets are expensive, hence you must clean them regularly so you don’t have to replace them. Book our services right now and be tension-free about your carpet’s life and durability.

Call us for fast and effective results!

Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney is a popular choice for many carpet owners in Sydney. We are here to help you out to get fresh and completely spotless carpets. The team operates seven days a week and all hours of the day. You can book our services for the weekend and public holidays too. Our professionals are friendly and courteous. These people will treat your carpet as their and take utmost care of it.  So, without hesitation, call us right away and book our services. Your carpet needs professional help. You can find us on the internet by searching dry carpet cleaning service near me.


1. How much dry carpet cleaning in Sydney costs?

The cost for carpet dry cleaning depends on the damages, size and material of the carpet. Hence, this cost is always decided by our professionals after carpet inspection.

2. Is commercial dry carpet cleaning costly?

No. The cost depends on carpet condition, fabric and method of cleaning.

3. Do I need to pay any extra cost?

No, We do not have any hidden policy for the extra cost. Once our professionals inspect the carpet and discuss the cost, there won’t be any add-ons.

4. Do I need to keep my pets away from the carpet after cleaning?

No. We at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney use green and safe cleaning solvents or sprays. These chemicals are completely unharmful for pets and children. So, do not worry.

5. Can I book a service on a public holiday?

Yes. Our team works round the clock even on public holidays. You can call us anytime and book our services. You can also avail of our same day carpet cleaning services on public holidays. We work all days of the year. You can search for dry carpet cleaning near me and book our hassle-free services.

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