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Ripple Carpet Cleaning is a leading name in the rug and carpet cleaning sector in Sydney. We deliver quick and efficient results in cleaning carpets of different varieties. Hire our services, to avail world class carpet dry cleaning services in Sydney.  We prime your carpet and rid it off all impurities and germs to make it hygienic and healthy to use. The chemicals in our cleaning agents are organic and environment-friendly and will not pose any danger to the babies in your house and the staff working in your business. The team of technicians and cleaners working for us are certified and trained to provide different services coming under the carpet and rug cleaning. Call our helpline and get a express booking for the service you wish to avail. Being in this business for many years has taught us that any business can reach glorious heights only with the continued help and dedication of committed and friendly professionals. Ripple Carpet Cleaning are the professionals to call when it comes carpet dry cleaning in Sydney.

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning of the carpet maintains hygiene and that prevents the growth of mold, dirt and fungus on the carpet.

When carpet cleaning is done by professional service providers, the carpets tend to be thoroughly cleaned by them.

Opting for Carpet Dry Cleaning service in Sydney can help you in renewal of your bond at the end of the lease.

Carpet cleaning professionals are adept at their jobs and hence it is a good decision to get your carpets cleaned at the hands of professionals.

Carpet Cleaning Professionals use verified cleaning products and techniques and are hence better equipped to clean the carpets in your house than you using DIY kits for the same.

There are colonies of dust mites and dust particles inside the carpet which makes it extremely filthy and difficult to clean yourself.

Carpets irrespective of whether they are in residential zones or commercial zones, see a load of foot traffic. Through which dust and dirt gets transferred from people’s shoes to the traffic making it a breeding ground of germs. Drying cleaning carpet in Sydney removes the stains and odours that come with ingrained dirt while also taking away its drab and old look.

We at Ripple Carpet Cleaning are committed to complete the job to the best of their capabilities and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, that contributes to enhancement of the life and durability of your rugs and carpets.

The team of technicians at Ripple Carpet Cleaning is punctual and dedicated to providing excellent cleaning outcomes to each and every customer approaching us. Which means your dry cleaning carpet Sydney is done very well and without taking up a lot of time.

Your Carpet will not undergo shrinking, splitting, or warping when treated to dry cleaning.

In other methods of carpet cleaning your carpets risk getting waterlogged whereas, dry Cleaning reduces any such risk of damage.

You will experience better results once you get a Carpet dry Cleaning Sydney from Ripple Carpet Cleaning

Technicians at Ripple Carpet Cleaning ensure that you are able use the carpet in an hour post Carpet dry Cleaning service Sydney.

Dry Cleaning poses no possible harm or danger to pets, babies, and family members who have allergies.

Services we Provide.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Pet Stains & Odours Removal

Duct Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning for the kitchen or bathroom

End of Lease Cleaning

Rugs and Mats Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Flood Damage Carpets

Leather & Upholstery Clean

Gutter Cleaning

Carpet Repairs

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising

Car Interior Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Air Conditioning Servicing

Pressure Cleaning

Floor Sanding

Graffiti Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney

1. Moving the furniture

The day the carpet dry cleaning service will take place, the technician would move the furniture that is above the carpet. They may also let you know beforehand about moving the furniture sometimes.

2. Vacuuming the Carpet

The technicians make use of industrial vacuum cleaners which will grab all the dust, dirt and grime in one vacuuming.

3. Cleaning & Deodorizing

The technicians spray deodorizing liquid on the carpet. After which it is thoroughly cleaned with the cleaning solution.

4. Carpet is Returned

Once all the cleaning procedures are done, your Ripple Carpet Cleaning Technician will lay down your cleaned carpet on the original place.

Why choose Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney?

Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney restores the carpet’s proper condition and protects its fibers from getting more damaged than they already are. Bacteria and allergens too are removed with the cleaning procedures. These are the reasons choosing us is the wise choice to make:

We offer prompt service to our customers and cleaning solutions that are most suitable to the damage control restoration of the carpet.

We at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney offer all services at affordable prices while maintaining the constant superior quality results. Our charges are by the square meter with no hidden charges.

Our technicians have been given our latest and updated cleaning equipment and products to achieve superior carpet cleaning outcomes.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the planet and those that cause no harm to kids, pets and pregnant women.

Our company offers the feature of same-day services to homes and commercial properties, making us the go-to option when customers need emergency dry carpet cleaning services in Sydney.

Contact Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney

The carpet steam dry cleaning services at Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney assure a range of other cleaning services at cost effective rates. Contact us at +61480017082 to get personalised quotes for whatever service you are looking to get done in your property. Get a express booking on a single call. Dial +61480017082 for getting a express booking right now. The team of technicians and cleaners working for Ripple Carpet Cleaning Sydney are dedicated to their work and hence can provide best outcomes on any project allotted to them. We always deliver exceptional results to our clients which is the reason behind our strong and satisfied customer base.


1. What is the best cleaning solution for your rugs and carpets?

Any cleaning solution that has certification from The Carpet Institute of Australia Limited (CIAL). Just ensure that the ingredients in it are suited to the material and fiber of your carpets.

2. Are rugs and carpet cleanable?

Yes, but only at the hands of professional carpet cleaners as they have all the requisite cleaning and drying equipment and knowledge so as not to spoil the carpet in any way.

3. How can I deep clean my carpet myself?

It is not advisable to do it at home using DIY products which are generalized cleaning solutions. It is always wise to take professional help.

4. Which type of carpet cleaning is best?

Carpet steam cleaning is a cleaning process that removes stains, germs, and odours from the carpet in a more effective pattern.

5. Do carpet or upholstery protectors really work, as marketed by manufacturers?

Protectors create an invisible protective net around the carpet that minimizes the impact of dirt and spills on it. This gives you little more time to remove the material before it damages the carpet fabric permanently.

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